Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service

Marist Catholic College

South Hurstville Campus Bus Services

Carlton, Allawah, Blakehurst

MCCP 4 Morning Bus Service

  1. Carlton South Public School (Jubilee Ave) 7:45am
  2. Andover St at Hampton Court Rd 7:48am
  3. St George Christian School (Woids Ave) 7:53am
  4. George St after First Ave 7:57am
  5. King St at West St 8:00am
  6. Woniroa Rd opposite Tavistock Rd 8:05am
  7. King Georges Rd at Terry St 8:13am
  8. Joseph St opposite Empire Ave 8:20am
  9. Kyle Bay Bowling Club (Merriman St) 8:25am
  10. Terry St at Condor Cr 8:29am
  11. MCCP South Hurstville Campus 8:35am

* Service times may be subject to change