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Our policy documents include the following:

Safety Policy



Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service Pty Ltd views safety as a top priority. The health and well-being of staff and members of the public are paramount.

Safety Objectives


We aim to achieve this goal via:


Proprietor/Managing Director

As the senior operational officer in charge of the depot, the Proprietor/ Managing Director has overall responsibility for implementing and monitoring the organisation's SMS.

The Proprietor/Managing Director are responsible for ensuring safety policies and procedures are developed and effectively implemented, and to support staff and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.


Employees including drivers, are responsible for operating and maintaining buses in a manner that ensures the safety of staff, passengers and pedestrians, which abides with the legislative requirements of WorkCover, Transport NSW (TfNSW), and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS); and the organisation.s SMS requirements.


Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service Pty Ltd.s SMS will be evaluated regularly via audits and other mechanisms to ensure it remains relevant and effective. As part of this process the SMS Policy will be reviewed when required by changes in legislation (or operations) and at least annually.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service Environment Management System (EMS) is a tool for managing the impacts of our Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service activities on the environment. It provides a structured approach to planning and implementing environment protection measures.

Our EMS monitors environmental performance. The EMS integrates environmental management into our company.s daily operation, long term planning and other quality management systems.

Components of an EMS


Environmental Policy: this is a statement of what Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service intends to achieve from an EMS. It ensures all environmental activities are consistent with the Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service objective.

Environmental Impact Identification: identification and documentation of the actual and potential environmental impacts of Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service operations need to be undertaken. We will achieve this through undertaking annual environmental audits.

Objectives and Targets: an environmental audit forms the basis of determining Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service environmental objectives and targets. Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service can find benefits in adopting more stringent longer term objectives to encourage it to improve its performance. To continually improve, targets should be regularly reviewed.

Consultation: Staff is consulted before, during and after establishment of an EMS. This is necessary to ensure that all staff are involved in, and committed to the EMS.

Operational and Emergency Procedures: all procedures are reviewed to ensure they are compatible with the Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service environmental objectives and targets. Any changes will be included with the documentation.

Environmental Management Plan: this details the methods and procedures which Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will use to meet its objectives and targets.

Documentation: all objectives, targets, policies, responsibilities and procedures are documented along with information on environmental performance. Documentation is useful for verifying environmental performance to staff, regulators and the community.

Responsibilities and Reporting Structure: responsibilities need to be allocated to staff and management to ensure the EMS is implemented effectively.

Training: staff undergo environmental awareness training to familiarise them with their responsibilities for implementing the EMS and with the overall environmental policy and objectives of the Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service. This provides staff with the necessary skill and motivation for the effective implementation of the EMS.

Review Audits and Monitoring Compliance: review audits are undertaken regularly to ensure the EMS is achieving its objectives and to refine operational procedures to meet this goal. In order to ensure regulatory and other requirements are being met, it is often necessary to undertake regular environmental monitoring.

Continual Improvement: an important component is continual improvement. An EMS comes into its best use when used to review progress towards the targets and objectives set by a company to protect the environment. The procedures set in place to meet these objectives should be constantly examined to see if they can be improved or if more effective systems can be introduced.

Likewise, Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service can use EMS to ensure that their performance is within regulatory requirements, and to keep ahead of more stringent regulations which might be introduced in the future.

Environmental Compliance: an EMS is a structured tool for measuring and continually improving the performance of an organisation in maintaining its regulatory compliance and managing its environmental risk.

Environmental Issues

Key Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service Environmental Issues

Benefits of Environmental Management to Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service

Our Objectives


Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will undertake its activities in a manner that:

Our EMS is supported by

These complement and form part of the EMS

What is in Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service EMS?

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service Environmental Management System has been designed to satisfy the requirements of ISO 14001

EMS specific processes are associated with

Risk Management


Environmental Risk Management is undertaken by:

This information is used in the Planning Process

These requirements must be met. We must demonstrate compliance with these requirements.

Planning for Environmental Management

Information gathered is used to:

Continual Improvement


In common with all management systems, the Environmental Management System standard aims at continually improving performance.

This is a fundamental characteristic of the ISO 14001 standard.

What we have achieved so far

Our environmental goals for the future

Passenger Relations Plan



Under the new Metropolitan Bus Services Contract, Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service has developed a
Comprehensive Passenger Relations Plan, and will submit updated documents annually for review.

Staff will implement the upgraded plan and report on the progress of implementation.

The enhanced plan, is being developed and will identify specific policies, initiatives and outcomes and provide a reporting process against performance measures, as set out in the Service Quality Incentive reported by the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This comprehensive document will be made available to the public on the Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service website.



The Marketing Section of the attached Business Plan outlines several initiatives committed to the marketing of services and to the development of staff.

Periodic market research will also be conducted and will include patronage surveys, loading counts, origin and destination surveys, community consultation and other information gathering tools.

A customer relations strategy including objectives, specific initiatives to achieve them, and tangible performance measures will be developed within the first year of the contract.


Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is strongly committed to its customers and will endeavour to deliver the
best possible bus services in an attempt to uphold our commitment, we will produce a Passenger Charter.

This document will outline Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service’s commitment to performance in the areas of
reliability, punctuality and cleanliness.

This user-friendly document will be made available on the Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service website and
hard copies will be made available for collection at Maianbar Bundeena Bus Services’ office, or via mail.

The Passenger Charter will contain information on a variety of bus related topics including:
  • service levels
  • customer information
  • our service
  • fares
  • concessions
  • complaints handling
  • accessibility
  • customer obligations


Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service has an established procedure in place for dealing with complaints.

Complaints are logged and forwarded to the appropriate staff member to respond to accordingly. Complainants will receive initial contact and/or feedback within 48 hours of the complaint being received.
All complaints are completed within 7 days.

Any complaints relating to matters such as driver behaviour, passenger safety and vehicle safety and/or accreditation issues are referred to the MoT, or other relevant authority. All written complaints are responded to in writing. A summary of complaints is documented and reviewed at staff meetings.

Feedback, relating to drivers, is dealt with in accordance with the driver monitoring program outlined in the Passenger Transport Award.


Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service welcomes the procedures suggested by the Ministry in relation to the Integrated Transport Information Service (ITIS).

Current protocols already facilitate timely and relevant responses to complaints.

Set procedures are also in place to deal with lost property.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will endeavour to develop a system to capture all customer feedback, including complaints, using systems compatible with the ITIS.

The Transport Info line logo and link will be displayed on the website and Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will have printed timetables available from some retail outlets in Maianbar and Bundeena and also on bus.

Accessible Transport Action Plan



The Disability Discrimination Act was passed in October 1992 to provide comprehensive and uniform protection for people with a disability throughout Australia. To achieve a compliance mechanism, the Act provides for ‘Disability Standards’ to be adopted.

Within public transport, the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport were promulgated in October 2002. Action Plans are the mechanism by which providers’ document policies to ensure their operations become consistent with the DDA and the Standards. The compliance level required under the Standards in the bus industry is gradually introduced by December 2022. Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service’s aim is to continue to manage changes to our services to eliminate discrimination in a positive way so that improved services are delivered to all passengers.



Accessible transport services are about being aware of the existence of barriers, which make access difficult or impossible, and being prepared to remedy such barriers.

From surveys that have been conducted, some of the barriers to accessible bus services are boarding buses because of step heights, lack of handrails, narrow doorways and aisles, and the difficulties getting to bus services because of uneven footpaths and crossovers, and poor signs and timetables. In recent years, progress has been made through adopting new processes, and compliant remedial measures which are discussed in following sections.



Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service began bus operations in Sydney in 1982. The beginning of 2003 signalled a new approach with changes to improve services and benefit the whole community.



Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service continues its investment in the latest buses, which provide:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Priority seating for the elderly and those with restricted mobility
  • Allocated spaces for wheelchair and mobility aid users
  • Comfortable cloth covered seats with more room to sit
  • Air conditioning
  • Under seat storage for shopping, school bags, etc




Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will introduce an improved timetable network which will include:

  • Introduce timetables with marked and dedicated Wheelchair accessible services
  • Introduce timetables that can be accessed via an easy to use website, with a link to 131500 Transport info line




Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service has made customer service a key focus by:

  • Rostering drivers on the same shift to not only know the area, but passengers as well
  • Creating a new look to identify Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service buses
  • Ongoing driver training and refresher courses in Customer service




This section addresses actions which are being taken, and Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service’s ongoing commitments to
address barriers relating to:

  • Bus fleet
  • Information
  • Other matters




Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service has 1low-floor bus out of a total fleet of 3buses. Through the 7 year contract period, the compliance timeframe for buses is 25% by 31 Dec 2007. However, the compliance level for several issues within buses is 100% at 31 Dec 2007. These are symbols, signs, information and priority seating. Lighting is also in this category, but the Standard is not considered operationally safe, and will be subject of a submission by the Bus & Coach Association of NSW (BCA NSW) to the five year review of the Standards in 2007.

The low floor buses (50%) are considered compliant with the Disability Standards, so that Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service currently exceeds the 2007 five year compliance level. Nevertheless, this will increase over the period of the new contract, as all buses replaced will be with compliant low floor models.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:

  • Ensuring route buses entering the fleet are compliant low floor designed buses
  • Having symbols, signs, information & priority seating on all buses meet the Standards by 31 Dec 2007




In 1999, Transport Infoline was established to provide a consistent one-stop transport information service for the greater Sydney region. Transport Infoline provides:

  • Multi-modal trip planning
  • Timetable and fare information
  •  Maps for the greater Sydney area for trains, buses and ferries
  • A ‘Your Say Line’ where all public transport-related complaints can be lodged for referral to relevant agencies for action
  • Availability via a call centre, internet and TTY access for people with hearing impairment

    The compliance timeframe in the Disability Standards for information is 100% at 31 December 2007, and the centralized Transport Infoline 131 500 service generally complies in its present format. Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service currently provides information on services on our own website, as well as to the Transport Infoline via BCA NSW to ensure information is presented in a simple and consistent manner. Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service also produces our own timetable pamphlets.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:
  • Continue to provide information through the Transport Infoline 131 500
  • Have information available on the Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service website



Local government and road authorities have a major role to play in further integrating accessible bus services with the provision of accessible bus stops, footpaths and kerbside infrastructure. Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service, through BCA NSW, will continue to work with authorities responsible for roads in developing practical responses to accessibility issues for bus services. The compliance timeframe for bus stop infrastructure is 25% by 31 December 2007.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:

  • Work with road authorities through BCA NSW to provide accessible bus stops to comply with timelines in Standards




Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service Disability Policy

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will develop a formal Disability Policy, which will provide a public statement of our commitment to implementation of this Action Plan. Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will appoint a DDA Coordinator to oversee this Action Plan.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:

  • Develop and promote a Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service DDA Accessibility Policy
  • Appoint a DDA Coordinator to oversee this Action Plan

Complaints Procedure

The Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service DDA Coordinator will enhance our complaints system to include coordination of DDA issues which will establish a grievance procedure prior to any direct approach to HREOC. This will include liaison with BCA NSW and the Transport Infoline ‘Your Say Line’.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:
  • Coordination of a DDA grievance procedure with reference to BCA NSW and the
    Transport Infoline

Public Transport Disability Forum

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service believes that establishment of a group of representatives from peak disability groups
and public transport operators reporting to the State Government would provide an ongoing forum to identify and resolve issues relating to access to public transport. Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service and other bus operators would be represented by the Bus & Coach Association of NSW (BCA NSW).

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:
  • Supporting establishment of a Public Transport Disability Forum with representatives from Government, peak disability groups and public transport operators

Consultation with Other Operators

Through BCA NSW, Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will consult and cooperate with other public transport operators to ensure our bus services provide compatible access where connecting with other bus or intermodal transport services. This will contribute to achieving accessible public transport across different bus operators, so that the compliance levels in the Standards are realized.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:
  • Consultation with other public transport operators to achieve accessible public transport services throughout the community


Since attitude is one of the main barriers to non-discriminatory access, the disability awareness module in the induction training for new staff will be enhanced. It will provide an overview of this Action Plan, outline all staff responsibilities, and explain the current obligations of the DDA. Ongoing training for current staff will also reinforce these points.

The training module for bus drivers and those with customer service responsibilities will be reviewed to provide them with the background and skills to interact proficiently with passengers so discrimination against people with disabilities is avoided.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service is committed to:
  • Enhance training to include an overview of the DDA and this Action Plan
  • Review customer service training to provide skills to interact effectively with all passengers





Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will prepare an annual review which will audit the progress against the commitments of this Action Plan, and may include reference to any matters that other organizations raise that affect delivery of accessibility outcomes to public transport matters under our contract.



This Action Plan will not be a static document, because of the technological changes and other innovations that will occur over the coming years. Changes to the Plan will be able to be made and advised formally to Government and HREOC.

Maianbar Bundeena Bus Service will appoint a DDA Coordinator to liaise with representatives throughout the organization to oversee the implementation, evaluation & review of the accessibility achieved through this Action Plan.

 Reviewed by: Peter Leahy  Review Date: 30 January 2018  Next Review Date: 31 January 2019

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